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Strong Leadership and Staff Engagement.
‘Cutting Costs … Without Paying the Price’

‘Efficiency Through the Lens of People’

Durham Constabulary chose to invest in staff development at a time of austerity, leading to a many-fold payback on their investment.

Building a Cohesive Senior Leadership Team

We worked with the Senior Leadership team at Durham Constabulary to clarify the vision and direction of the organisation, and its meaning for individual leaders.

HMIC Outstanding Ratings

Durham Constabulary was the only police force in the country to achieve an outstanding rating against all three efficiency measures in the 2015 round of HMIC audits and saw improvement in all major performance indicators.

Maximising the Momentum of Middle Management

Middle Management Leaders were essential to the delivery of transformational change at Durham. Optimising leadership potential at all levels to ensure the success of the whole organisation.

Sustainable Results. No Dependency Culture.

Establish a learning and creative problem-solving culture, making a sustainable cultural change that does not foster a dependency culture.

Build Cohesive Senior Leadership Teams

Facilitating vision and direction to lead in a turbulent VUCA world. Bespoke programmes based on evolving, cumulative inputs, not discrete one-time changes.

Services Available Through the Framework

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  • Working with Middle Management Leaders
  • New Force Operating Model and Geographic Consolidation
  • Austerity
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  • Working with the Senior Leadership Team
  • Top 45 senior managers, including the new Chief Constable
  • Vision and direction
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  • Sustainable Results
  • Breaking down Silos and Having the Difficult Conversations
  • Leading in a VUCA World


VUCA Resilience

What Our Clients Say


Transforming Organisations

“Pearlcatchers has transformed leadership within Durham Constabulary and has left a legacy of long lasting cultural change. Sharon Young [Lead Consultant at Pearlcatchers] was pivotal with the implementation of our ‘Altogether Different Programme’ and her passion for helping organisations was not only inspiring, but she helped shape our organisation to build strong relationships, to make things happen and bring all Commands together. Sharon’s continued support ensures that we remain a progressive organisation and one of the top performing forces”.

Leadership Management

Unprecedented Staff Engagement

“Engaged to assist our organisation in re-modelling itself in order to maintain and improve service whilst managing public sector cutbacks. They engaged staff in a way that no one else had”.

Leadership Management

Sustainable Action Learning

“Learning sets – sets a platform for continued development rather than a one-off event. The action learning sets were the most beneficial aspect, in particular the activities that gave the group focus. The learning sets were much better than expected and I hope they will be beneficial in the year ahead”.


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