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Reshaping Leadership Development with Pearlcatchers
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Pre- and Post-Promotion Workshops Maximising the Potential of Leaders

Listening to Staff. Taking Decisive Action

West Midlands Police (WMP) took decisive action adopting a radical new approach to the promotions process. This addressed the gaps identified by staff in both the assessment process and the support for leaders in new and temporary roles.

We bring our knowledge and experience. We adapt it to you

We brought our experience of working with the leadership team at Durham Constabulary and created a bespoke programme for WMP’s requirements, designed to maximise the potential of future leaders.

Supported the Transition from Old to New Assessment Criteria

Helped candidates make the transition from the OSPRE assessment to CVF.

Higher Success Rates for Promotion Candidates. Increased Confidence

The workshops led to more confident candidates and much higher success rates in the promotion process or assignment to the talent pool.

Integration of National Policing and WMP's Specific Models

Practical translation into role specific tasks and embedding of WMP’s Leadership Promise with National requirements.

Enhanced Leadership Skills and a Sustainable Learning Culture

On-going Peer Support Network Projects established.

How We Got There Together

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  • PC to Sergeant
  • Sergeant to Inspector
  • Development Support prior to Assessment Centres


Workshop Details

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  • Step-up to Sergeant
  • Step-up to Superintendent


Workshop Details

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  • Accessible Workshops. Region-wide, including weekends, with early and late sessions
  • Pre-programme Research – Bespoke Design


Research Design

What Our Clients Say


The Leader You Know You Can Be

“I have realised that I may not be the sergeant that I want to be, but have confidence that I will get there and be that person”.

“I feel more confident and better prepared to be an effective sergeant”.


Bespoke Flexibility. Engaging Delivery

“Thank you for all your enthusiasm and passion for developing our Stepping Up to Sergeant Development Programme. Your flexibility and desire to bespoke the programme to our organisation, combined with your engaging delivery and extensive leadership knowledge and experience, were key to its success”.

“There has been fantastic feedback and increase in confidence levels across the board as a result of the development workshops. Thank you for all your help and making them so brilliant. Fabulous to work with you”.

Learning and Delivery Manager

Practical Techniques You Can Deploy on the Job

“Since being promoted I have had to facilitate a development plan with an officer on my team. I struggled each month to write up our monthly meeting so that the Officer understands where I believe he has room to improve and where he has made progress. I now use the model taught on the course to help articulate the plans moving forward”.

“I found the input around ‘influence’ really useful. The various methods of influencing others and the importance of challenging inappropriate behaviour”.

“Informative with good tools for the job”.


Ways to Reach Us

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