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Drama-enhanced Learning and Assessment That Makes it Real

Putting a new twist on an established model

Exploring and practicing new techniques

Drama-enhanced learning takes the theory and uses professional actors to either demonstrate models in action or give participants the opportunity to practice a technique with a realistic scenario.

Getting the full picture at assessment

Drama-enhanced assessment allows candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in practice, rather than just writing them in CVs or talking about them in interviews. This enables assessors to get a more informed view of candidate suitability for the role.

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Praxis - translating theory into action

We take participants through the experiential learning cycle of Inform, Do, Review and Respond

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Provision of role players
Design of realistic scenarios and exercises
Mapping to JDs and competency framework
Training of Assessors

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Bespoke scenarios and forum theatre
Demonstrations and Hot Seating
Scenario practice and feedback
Training videos

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Multiple Uses

Inclusion in programmes to complement other learning activities
Drama-based sessions for conferences and change programmes

How We Got There Together

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West Midlands Police

  • Role players for assessment centres
  • Process to ensure consistency and contingency

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  • Behaviour Influences Behaviour workshop
  • Tailored scenarios, forum theatre and hot seating

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  • Advanced Influencing
  • Incorporating drama into a wider development programme

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What Our Clients Say


Practicing techniques in a safe environment

“The scenario practice with actors really allowed you to try different behaviours and good to get lots of feedback”.

“Very comfortable and supportive atmosphere during scenario practice, which is difficult to achieve!”

“Very enjoyable course – genuinely useful for my job. Feedback was very high quality– having the actors and trainers there was great for this”.

“The scenario work really produced great feedback on how we did things and what to say. The actors were amazing and their feedback was excellent”.


Bespoke flexibility. Engaging delivery

“The most exciting course I have been on! Very different to other courses. Use of actors and scenarios really brings it to life”.

“Real life simulations were really effective. They challenged my own views”.

“Enjoyed actors doing forum drama – good to note what works and what doesn’t and how small things can completely change situations”.


Increasing confidence and improving performance

“The scenarios were ‘magic juice’ and increased my confidence hugely”.

“FABULOUS. It has given me confidence to move forward. Actors were excellent, they made the scenarios very real and provided constructive feedback, which set people at ease”.

“The afternoon scenario practice enabled us to re-learn what had been covered in the morning on some very realistic, relevant and thought-provoking scenarios – and the actors were superb in portraying a range of different and often difficult characters. I have no doubt this workshop will improve my performance in upcoming one to one’s and appraisals”.


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